Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

How does mold remediation work?

It starts with a company that is certified to remove mold. Mold certifications are necessary for a restoration company to do any mold removal for most insurance... READ MORE

Wood Floors are Moldy

The water that flooded this home got underneath the wood floors and was left too long before it received any extraction. The water couldn't dry in time for mold... READ MORE

Commercial Building with Mold Damage in Dallas, TX

A lot of buildings, such as this one, don't realize that they have mold until it's too late. Leaking water sources and humidity caused the mold to grow all alon... READ MORE

What company removes mold damage?

Mold damage remediation should be done by a professional. Not all companies have been certified in mold damage removal and could cause more damage to your home.... READ MORE

Mold Growing in Dallas Home

This home does not look bad from the picture but behind the walls and baseboards a black substance was growing. Mold was growing behind the walls? The wetness o... READ MORE

When should I be worried about mold growth?

Whenever mold is in your home it should be cleaned right away. A small spot of mold will grow exponentially. One mold colony can create thousands of spores whic... READ MORE