Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Upgraded Restrooms after Water and Mold Damage

The restroom of this commercial building in Dallas, TX needed to have all the tiles removed because of bound water sitting behind the wall. The main problem is ... READ MORE

Dallas, TX Home with a Sewer Damage

Sewer damage is by far the worst type of damage the can happen from water. There are different categories of water damage and sewer water is considered a Catego... READ MORE

Why should you call a professional for water damages?

Fixing water damage in your home is not a DIY project. Due to some of the severe after-effects of water damage, including mold growth, it's always best to have ... READ MORE

Second Floor Water Damage

Broken Pipe in Wilshire Heights, TX Home A broken pipe can cause a lot of water damage in a home, especially if it ran all night from the second floor. The ceil... READ MORE

Water damage cleanup in Dallas

Faux wood floor removal in Dallas, TX.This facility had suffered a supply line break from the fridge. The floor was a faux wood which soaked up the water and st... READ MORE

How do I remove water after sewer backup?

Actions to take after a sewer back up. Be safe and do not try and clean up the mess yourself. Sewer water is highly contaminated. Call a licensed restoration co... READ MORE