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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

Wow wow wow!  I can't say enough about how great my experience with this company has been.  I used them for two different drying incidents I had in my home.  Both times, the technicians came out on time, quickly assessed the issue, and setup their equipment.  Every day they came in to assess how the drying process was going.  I was also following up on the work myself with my own moisture meter and everything was completely dry once they had finished.  Everyone from the technicians to the office staff to the main estimator that I spoke with has been a pleasure to work with.

I generally don't like hiring companies for things and tend to be a do it yourself kind of person, because I often feel like if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.  I did not feel that at all with this company.  I had 100% confidence that they knew what they were doing and were charging only for the work that needed to be completed.  The experience has been so good, that I've been looking at some of their other services such as the duct cleaning to see what else I can get done by them.  Overall, I couldn't be happier!

They really care about their customers and their belongings! I love working with them.

We had a leak under our kitchen sink, and called SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas. They were very prompt and also very informative. They had our sink, and kitchen area dried in three days!! When they came out to meet us they always had a great attitude, very friendly to the whole family. I will definitely be recommending them to our family and friends! This is the company to call at all hours!

Thanks to Red and the SERVPRO team. On my B-day I come home to water coming up through my tile in the kitchen. SERVPRO got with insurance company and had a plan of action. It is not fun to have the machines in the house but better to not live with mold or damage. Time to repair the house and get back to normal! Thanks SERVPRO.

A lightning strike in the middle of the afternoon destroyed my home last June.The past 12 months have been spent trying to repair possessions and relocate our home. There are some fine human beings in this world and quite a few of them work at SERVPRO. Martha Varela and her crew were sent to help us by a wonderful person named Mike Davis, head of the Northeast Dallas office. Martha and her team worked tirelessly to help us salvage what little we could and, at the same time, tried to keep us safe in our burned out, flooded home. Our experience with SERVPRO can be summarized in two words: kindness and competence. Thank you Martha, Mike et all!

Tracy and team did a fabulous job for us. We are confident they solved our kitchen water damage problem. They are all 3 very professional and efficient. Thanks SERVPRO!

We had a kitchen fire that caused smoke and fire extinguisher powder to go throughout our downstairs. Jason and his crew are AMAZING! My husband and I have been so impressed with their attention to detail, courtesy, and communication. Excellent job! I can’t imagine anyone doing any better!

The team at SERVPRO NE Dallas handled the flood at my storage unit and very quickly moved all the stuff away from the water, was able to recovery my stuff and brought in vendors to handle all issues. They were perfect start to finish.

We could not be happier with the experience of SERVPRO.  They were very helpful in the progress and we were pleased with the service provided.